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Date: 2011

I’ll keep this brief. 2011 was an exciting year of change and growth for me. Before the year closes I wanted to share my thoughts on just three of the things that really impact the work I do each day. Responsive web design, content strategy, and the value of listening weren’t new concepts in 2011 but for me each came more into focus this year.

Responsive web design is awesome

Developing your site in a manner that allows any device, not only mobile or desktop, to present the most usable and relevant content to your users is extremely valuable. With newer screen sizes popping up every few months you should start your project with an understanding of the most important content to be presented at the lowest resolution first. Scale up from there adding more content or ordering it in the most usable way....Read More

I presented on the topic of Effective Blogging at our user conference last month. When I finished talking about who you should get to blog, I asked the question, “Do any of you have difficulty getting your authors to contribute content?”

man standing out in the crowdHands around the room flew up fast. I wasn’t entirely surprised though.  Getting good content is an issue many web managers face. Volunteers are somewhat hard to come by.

If you are managing a website or a blog and are having difficulty getting the content you were promised, this post is for you....Read More

If you’re responsible for the effective delivery of IT services and you’ve got disparate networks for data and storage, the time is right to begin planning for network convergence....Read More

The times, they are a changing – for IT workers in Maryland. Northrop Grumman’s recently announced plans to cut 800 technology jobs in Maryland, and even more drastic cuts of 6,500 personnel by Lockheed, suggest IT pros can no longer count on the government sector for stable, long-term employment.  Thankfully there is a thriving alternative universe of IT jobs in Maryland – and I’m not talking about the “cyber-security” boom either…...Read More

A Closer Look at Your Content May Help Answer a Tough Question

It’s been six months since your site went live. After extensive planning, upwards of 12 months (or more) of work and countless meetings the new site is more usable, accessible and aesthetically pleasing – at least it should be.

Now management wants to know, “how are we doing?”

“Our site analytics should have shown ________ by now!” (Fill-in the blank options):question marks on a chalkboard

  • “More conversions
  • “Better page ranking”
  • “More visitors and page views”
  • “Higher customer engagement”

I think you get the picture.

So, what went wrong?

In a word, it’s your content....Read More

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