Visitors know exactly what they want when they arrive at your site. Whether to research the newest breakthroughs in cancer treatment or to get the most popular article on “how to remodel your house”, visitors need to be able to find what they are looking for… and fast. One of the best ways to empower people to navigate the wealth of information your site has to offer is through search. The SiteExecutive team understands the importance of site search and has gone through great effort to create a rich, powerful, and relevant search application in version 2013 EP1.

Building the search application from the ground up using the powerful Apache Solr engine, SiteExecutive is able to index all of the data stored within the CMS in real time. This means that the moment a page is updated, those updates will be indexed immediately and become visible in searches. There is no longer a need to wait, sometimes as long as 24 hours, before a new article can be searched for by visitors from within the site. In addition to this, site administrators have complete control over what content can be searched. The Search Application grants the ability to not only exclude certain directories from the search, but also allows for restricting the results to specific areas of the site.

Another benefit of the upcoming SiteExecutive Search Application is the blazing fast speed of searching granted by the underlying Solr engine. Solr is optimized to match a visitor’s search query against thousands of pages and documents, returning results in only a fraction of a second. In addition to its speed, the Search Application is very customizable. This makes it easy to adjust and style in order to match the template of any existing site. This new application also comes with a module that can be placed on any SiteExecutive page, automatically displaying a search box which works directly with the application.

search application screenshot


The last major benefit of this new feature is the pin-point accuracy of the relevancy engine. When a visitor submits a search, their query is processed through a customized Solr schema that uses a variety of tokenizers and weighted criteria to match the data. The end result: SiteExecutive provides highly relevant search results to the visitor making it quick and easy to find exactly what they have come to your site for.

In addition to the Search Application, SiteExecutive 2013 EP1 also contains a number of other big enhancements to the product. This release offers full Oracle support alongside previously supported Microsoft SQL Server. Another big milestone of this release is the now included Adobe ColdFusion 10 Support. The backing of ColdFusion 10 adds many new back end features that SiteExecutive can leverage in order to build a variety of new functionality. 2013 EP1 lastly includes a variety of performance and bug fixes to the product. Find out more about SiteExecutive version 2013 or 2013 EP1 here