This is the last post in our blog series on Structured Content and we’ll be talking about what content + presentation equals. The answer? A perfectly put together page with no styling or coding required. Content authors can be at ease, knowing that when they create the content, the presentation is already defined for them, allowing them to create fabulous pages with no fuss.

As a content author, I’d like to give you some insight into just how simple the process of using Structured Content can be. So here are 5 reasons why I love Structured Content.

5. I don’t forget anything
Content creation couldn’t be simpler than with the use of content types. With the pre-defined fields in content types such as press releases or case studies, all the information that I need to input is spelled out for me and nothing is ever forgotten or overlooked.  

content type form

4. It is a huge timesaver
Everyone’s time is precious. With Structured Content, you can cut down the time it takes to get fresh new content up on your site. Some fields within each content type can be entered based on a simple yes or no checkbox. For example, in our press releases, we include our About SiteExecutive summary, if the release is relevant to SiteExecutive.  When this yes or no field is checked yes, the selected fields’ data will display.

yes or no

3. Styles are already assigned
No special CSS needed! With Structured Content, each content type has its own presentation associated with it. So now when I want to publish a press release, it goes from this…

press release content

…to this (!) with no styling on my part.

published press release

2. Scheduling for future posts is easy
Publishing content on a certain date and time is a very simple process. Using the Start Date field, I am able to set up content that I’ve already written and entered ahead of time, to publish on a date in the future. This is great for events. In addition to setting the start date of the content, you can also set an end date. That way, when the event is over, the content will come off of the site automatically on the end date that you specify.

start date

1. Ability to display content everywhere
Yes, everywhere! Whether on your website, on a mobile app or a mobile device, users can now use structured content to share content among multiple channels, even social media. No more entering content in multiple places; just enter the data once and then use the built in APIs to deliver the content to whatever medium you choose. You can update your campus app, mobile website, or your Facebook timeline using the same content presented in different ways for various audiences.

multiple channels

To learn more about the idea of Structured Content check out this excellent blog post from Meet Content Then to find out how to get started with Structured Content right away, visit our section on What’s New in SiteExecutive 2012 for details.