Well it’s here; time to gather with family, eat til we’re stuffed and watch some football as we drift off into a tryptophan induced coma. It feels like just yesterday we were screaming “Happy New Year!” and kissing our loved ones at midnight. The year has flown by, and the past few days, I’ve been able to look back on the last 11 months and really think about what I’m thankful for as a marketer. So here you have it, 5 things that I’m thankful for.

  1. Data. Obviously, this is an exciting topic for any marketer. Marketers are driven by data. After marketing campaigns are complete, the data provides immediate feedback on whether or not the campaigns were a success. By analyzing the data that we collect, we’re able to make informed decisions on what steps to take to get better results and reach our goals. I’d like to say that all of our campaigns have been successful…but I can honestly say that we learned ways to improve from each one.
  2. Structured Content. As one of the main content authors of our website, you can imagine how helpful a content management system (CMS) can be. More specifically, structured content really makes my life a lot easier. The whole concept of “create once and publish everywhere” is golden for anyone who creates or maintains web content. Having no experience in CSS isn’t a problem either. With structured content, all styles are already assigned. I can create a page that looks great in no time and now have the ability to post it anywhere.

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  3. Social Media. Twitter in particular- a plethora of useful information in a centralized location. On Twitter, I’m given the information I want because I chose to follow those people specifically. And there are no 17 paragraph statuses, just a stream of concise thoughts. As a marketer, I  use Twitter not just as a means to market to our audiences, but to learn new things, gain valuable insight about industry trends and see what other marketers are doing successfully.
  4. Tools. So, I know I mentioned data above, but there would be no data without the amazing marketing tools that I use to collect it! Google Analytics is a marketer’s best friend. I can monitor web traffic, integrate email campaign data, set conversion goals and much more. The use of digital tracking technologies really gives us an inside perspective on our audience’s thought process when they are on our site, and we can then tailor our marketing campaigns based on their actions.
  5. mail on iphoneMobile.  My cell phone… no really. More than ever, people are using their mobile devices for almost everything, and I’m certainly not an exception. I am thankful to have access to email, websites, apps, and social media with just the swipe of a finger. It definitely makes my job easier when I have constant access to information. And how amazing is responsive web design to make my web browsing experience that much more pleasant?

I could go on, but I promised 5 things. What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!