I’ll keep this brief. 2011 was an exciting year of change and growth for me. Before the year closes I wanted to share my thoughts on just three of the things that really impact the work I do each day. Responsive web design, content strategy, and the value of listening weren’t new concepts in 2011 but for me each came more into focus this year.

Responsive web design is awesome

Developing your site in a manner that allows any device, not only mobile or desktop, to present the most usable and relevant content to your users is extremely valuable. With newer screen sizes popping up every few months you should start your project with an understanding of the most important content to be presented at the lowest resolution first. Scale up from there adding more content or ordering it in the most usable way.

example of responsive design website

Content strategy makes me smile

This year I have been extremely focused on helping to improve the content on the projects that I managed. I talk a lot about the importance of good content that users can find, digest and share. My team doesn't mind listening to my rants and rave about content and our clients understand the value of their content more each day. For these reasons, I smile on my way to work, at work, and on the way home.

If content strategy is important to you, and it should be, this example from Mail Chimp on voice and tone will make you smile as well.

Listening is really important

This seems obvious, I know. In 2011 I read more books than I had in the past 3 years combined. It was a goal of mine, reading more, but one prominent theme in most of the books was the value of really listening and hearing what pains people have. What makes this theme really strike me is that I find my whole team not only listens very well but also provides solutions for the needs of our clients based on what we hear, not necessarily what they think they want.

My favorite example from 2011 of listening and understanding the real issues is the solution we provided to Baltimore County, MD to help their constituents report issues, find information and contact the proper representatives.

What impacted you most in 2011?

Tell us what you found striking, influential or exciting this year. Add your comment here or connect with me on:

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