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The complete online video service that lets you upload, encode, categorize, manage, stream and track your web videos – all within your own site.


Using one of the large, commercial applications to manage your video assets, no matter how big their name, requires a bit of a leap of faith.

With MediaExecutive, you maintain full control of your web videos within your own SiteExecutive website – and you never have to wonder who else may have access to them.



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MediaExecutive Capabilities:

How to Buy MediaExecutive

A straightforward, secure way to manage your video assets.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Subscription

MediaExecutive Software as a Service (SaaS) provides all MediaExecutive functionality through a secure web interface. It eliminates the need for investing in software licenses or web infrastructure, providing a fully managed, secure, always-on platform for managing and streaming your video content online. MediaExecutive SaaS offers the following benefits:

  • Subscription-based pricing with one, two and three-year terms
  • Fees cover both Online Video Management application and web hosting
  • Secure, maintenance free – service level agreements (SLAs) for performance and availability
  • Scalable and adaptable infrastructure can accommodate any growth scenarios


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